28 December 2011

FASHION // dowdy in sweatshirts

I always feel weird wearing sweats. But I got a sewing machine for Christmas that does all this neat embroidery stuff, so I tried it out on that big old sweatshirt I rescued from lost&found.
I like it.

sweatshirt: unknown // tights: H&M // shoes: Forever XXI // hat: Ireland // nails: Harlequin by Material Girl

oh, and do you know how hard it is to take pictures in the pitch-black with self-timer and no flash?
hint, it's hard.
but also entertaining.
and also it gets dark here at 4:00pm.

Also just bought these little beauties. They should be here in early January. Yeep. Expect me to wear them every.day.

Noticing a pattern? My recent post titles have all been lyrics from the songs at the bottom. 
one (blake's got a new face) // vampire weekend


  1. I love sweatpants. They rock because I'm a very casual girl and I'm very active. :)

  2. Omgoodness. You look amazing in sweats, you pull them off very well with out looking like you got tangled up in bedsheets :)

  3. Oops, I thought the post was about sweatpants... aw geez I'm stupid... I'm not a very big fan of sweatshirts. They irritate me for some reason. The ones in my closet I like though. :)

    What's up with me and smiley faces every time I comment on this blog?

  4. i need that sweatshirt. and those tights. and the shoes. heck, i need the whole outfit in general.

  5. Oh my goodness, these pictures are so great!! <3

  6. ahh, i love the top! and the pictures are wonderful:)

  7. the tights are too cool! love your style.
    -jocee <3

  8. You really know how ot pull off a sweatshirt! Loving your tights!

    x Aliya

  9. you look ahhmazing olivia! i love your hat

  10. Nice! You pull off a sweatshirt really well. <3


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