31 October 2011

LIFE // i'm not calling you a ghost, but stop haunting me

(I'm Not Calling You a Liar - Florence + the Machine)

Things I love about Halloween:
» dressing up. «
» candy. «
» the dark. «
» candy. «
» scaring people without looking like a jerk. «
» candy. «
» Halloween parties. «
» candy. «

Things I hate about Halloween:
» I forgot it was today. So I wore this long black witchy skirt and got asked "oh are you dressed up as a witch?" several times today. "NO THIS IS JUST HOW I DRESS! Are you dressed up as an idiot?" Sad eyes. «
» I feel like fifteen is kinda too old to go trick or treating so I'm just going to wait by my door eating candy and being depressed and wearing a witch hat until some children come along. Sad eyes. «
» there were no Halloween parties for me to attend this year. Sad eyes. «
» as of 7 o clock our only trick-or-treaters are four teenage boys. «
» IT EFFING SNOWED ON SATURDAY. On the 29th. What is this?! I hate Maine. «

My friend Ross dared me to wear a yellow argyle sweater today. I know. YELLOW. ARGYLE. It's so cheerful and preppy. It makes me cringe. So I paired it with aforementioned witchy skirt and evil-looking heels to make up for it.
Ross was unhappy about the heels. He dislikes my being tall.
(Caution, bad cell phone photo.)
Yep. Argyle twins.

So here's a couple outfits from the archives I never ended up posting. Partly because I'm lazy and partly because I'm so busy I don't even know what to do. Grease is opening on November 17th and we're nowhere near done. But my pink Frenchie wig came, so that's exciting.

back when there wasn't any snow....
jeans and shirt: hand-me-downs // shoes: converse // hat: somewhere in ireland

skirt and sweater and necklace: unknown // tights shoes and tank top: Forever 21

and here is me looking fairly normal. yikes.
jean jacket from Gap // all other pieces from Forever 21

Happy Halloween. Boo.


  1. love the outfits. and yeah, heels and black skirts do make up for the yellow sweater :)


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  3. Haha. ❤ You never fail to make me laugh, girl. :D Aw, and I think you look cuuute in Argyle!! AND in your skirt. ;)


    {I deleted my first comment because I accidentally put my e-mail address in it..haha..just in case you needed to know. ;)

  4. I love your outfits!! Especially the second one!!

  5. LOVE the second outfit!! And that picture of you by the fence?? ONE WORD. BREATHTAKING. AHHH. What an incredible view, and you're so pretty! And it snowed?? Oh my goodness! I love snow, but I can't imagine having it come this early! Crazy! Anyway, have a lovely night! :)


  6. I loooooove the last outfit! That is amazing! :)

  7. so pretty! happy halloween olivia! :)

  8. 1. you look amazing in everything.
    2. send me some snow in a box, okay?
    3. don't feel bad about the whole trick-or-treat thing. there were 40yr olds who came to my swim practice today asking for some candy. yeah.
    great post :))
    -jocee <3

  9. I didn't greet the snow very happily either. October is too early for snow, in my opinion.

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who didn't go trick-or-treat this year. The argyle is very unexpected, but it actually looks nice on you. And the last outfit is so fantastic.

  10. Dude, I keep seeing you around the blogosphere like every 4-5 months; I come to your blog, I follow, I somehow never see any of your posts, and then I come back 4 months later and refollow. I honestly have no clue why this is but I just noticed it. I like your style, it's cute and different, something I don't see enough in the blog world! :] Anyways, THIS TIME I am following you on BlogLovin' and I am making sure I keep it there! ;)

  11. You are adorable!
    I want your hair! PLEASE...
    Mine won't stop being so straight!


  12. Ahhhh! Your slowly killing me with these kick-butt maxi-skirts. This reminds me that I MUST. GO. THRIFTING. NOW.

  13. p.s. I'm thunking of starting a fashion blog for meself! Could you possibly do a post on tips for fashion bloggers? That would be amazing! But do what you want, I hate to be a pushy commenter. But here's some nice stuff to lay the guilt on:
    You are my favorite fashion blogger and I lovelovelovelove all your outfits so much. Plus it's just awesome that you can totally pull off the craziest things!
    Thanks :D hehe

  14. I love all your outfits here. And I agree with Kailyn, the 2nd photo is just breath-taking! The view is gorgeous and you look lovely in that simple, casual outfit. Wish you'd post more often, Olivia.

    Good luck on playing Frenchie! :-)

  15. I have a jean jacket just like that! :) xx

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  17. Ahh! I keep messing up on these comments. :P Okay, what I *meant* to say was..

    P.S. (I am having an uberly HUGE 21 prize Etsy giveaway this week! If you would like to join us. :)


  18. I love your outfit in the second picture. :) That's probably the most "normal" outfit I've ever seen you in.
    But you can pull off crazy, so it works. :)


  19. i really want those boots. and those tights. and that cute hat. pretty much everthing. :) going ''gahhhh'' over that picture of you with the converse+hat+jeans+tshirt+pretty scenery. i think it deems to be on pinterest, don't you think?
    15 is still young. i don't know why i'm saying that because i'm only almost 15. but i just have this sense that we're still kinda kiddos till we're eighteen. :P i'm not sure... what do y'all think?

  20. loving the fence picture!


  21. Okay, this is too awesome. Olivia, you look amazing in argyle. Plus, you're never too old to trick-or-treat! I went as a half-dead zombie schoolgirl this year.

    Oh, and you can never be too tall, either. ;)

  22. Love the sweater


    Fair Whale

  23. i love the outfit with the red skirt!

  24. Ahahaha! Are you serious... it already snowed!? That's insane! I love the second photo, simply gorgeous. :)

  25. GREAT sweater. And the fence picture is wonderful.

  26. You are SO beautiful! Love the photos!

  27. Oh my gosh. I love your outfit in the last picture collage. You are so pretty!


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