03 November 2011

FASHION // feathers falling from grey

Fences - Phoenix
(in case you havent noticed, my post titles have been lyrics from the songs at the beginning/end of the post. kudos if you caught that.)

These are from ages ago when it was still summery out... Ah well.

Photo cred to Emily (love ya girl), editing by me. Still trying to get the "film" look.

shirt: Pendleton (thanks Dad) // jeans: Banana Republic // boots: Dingo // sunnies: Forever21

I love praying mantises. And there were tonsss in the field. Bug eyes squared...

dis be my mountain, y'all.

As hard as we tried to dislodge the spider, he kept hanging on. HIS turkey feather, apparently. 
My thistle friend. Tall thistle friend.

Em's version here. She's much prompter than I.

PS: ohmigod Florence + the Machine's new album...! It's like ear candy times a million. Haven't had it off repeat since I got it. Deluxe version all the way. Just a little obsessed.


  1. you are totally gorgeous. love these photos and the "film" look. they really remind me of an old movie. love your hair, your outfit, and the mood. :)


  2. great pics :)

    http://filthylittlethings.blogspot.com/ xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit...the cheaters and plaid rock it :)

  4. these are edited to perfection.

  5. you are so pretty, not gonna lie. and I totally have a "mountain" like that, out in our back field. ;p

  6. I have a shirt that is almost exactly like that. It's a hand-me-down. =)

  7. i think you *nailed* the film look. also, ditto on florence + the machine. seriously, that album is just amazing. :))
    -jocee <3

  8. do you ever leave photos non-edited? sometimes they are more beautiful that way....but you did a good job on most of these :)

  9. ahh, lovely fields. i like lovely fields. those photos are so summery, but tonight i'm appreciating the first rain us californians have got in ages. <3
    florence + the machine is just mind-blowing. my favorite of all is what the water gave me.

  10. no stop. you are just way too pretty. (;

  11. Hey! I really like the first picture in the little mountain. Nice post!
    Feel free to visit my blog.

  12. These are lovely! I love the praying mantises picture, it's stunning!

    That feild you're in is so great. Ahh I wish I were there. The only thing we have that's near us that is remotely close to a feild (of some sort) is an empty lot that was cleared out a year ago and is now over grown in weeds with logs and dead trees littering the ground. And it's right next to the road. -.-

    xoxo, hayley

  13. I love the way you edited the pics. Totally nailed the "film look"!

    You're so pretty. I think you'd make a great model for sunglasses. You look really good in them! :-)

  14. Crud. This is some fantastic photography. You look amazing, and I now feel like running through a field and making friends with thistle trees :)

  15. Feel free to comment, and follow my blog!!!


    If you follow me I'll follow you!!! :)

  16. I love your shirt here. It's so...green and checkerboard. And your HAIR. Seriously, it's gorgeous. You nailed the "film" look, too. You should have been born four decades ago. <3



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