26 November 2011

FASHION // i don't need the birds, let them fly away

Leave My Body // Florence + the Machine

Fact: I was suspended. Yep.
For a week.
That happened.
I came back and like eight different people asked if I was arrested...
"Yeah, definitely. Wanna see my prison tats? I got em all over my arms. Oh look, here's a text from my new friend Cissy the drug-dealer prostitute. YEP. I was arrested. YEP."
I wasn't really arrested, I'm just sarcastic.
People looked confused.
It probably didn't help that I looked like a cross between a witch and a biker chick my first day back.
But you know I sort of always look like that, so I guess it would have been weirder to look "normal".
That doesn't make sense.
It wasn't very exciting really. I watched a lot of Doctor Who. And X Files. And crime shows.


Speaking of witchiness; Em was the photographer for a Vogue-ish photo shoot using myself and my friend Anne as models. The fantastic Sammy did our makeup. Thanks boi. You're magic.
We were originally going to go down to the ocean and be interesting and dead and mermaidish in fancy dresses, half-submerged in the water.
Then it ended up snowing the night before during our sleepover, so we just put on coats and cool makeup over our dresses.
My cape is from Tunisia. It was hiding in the basement.
It was freezing cold, pitch black, and extraordinarily windy. None of us (Sam came with us for the shoot) could feel our faces by the time we got back to my house like 45 minutes later. We had some great conversations about which guys were hot and which weren't, though. And fashion. And other good things. I have terrific friends.

Behind the scenes...
(this one edited by Sam)


  1. This is lovely Olivia, good to see you're back on Horsefeathers. I love your pink dress-- it's gorgeous. Sorry to hear you were suspended-- that's not fun.

    ~The Dandy Lioness/Sofie

  2. love the makeup!
    Cool photos as always. I'm surprised your cheeks aren't red in any of the photos. Brrr....

    Oh,thats a bummer....may I ask why you were supended? yes,I'm a 'curious' person...but its a good thing catst have nine lives (you know curiousity killed the cat.)

  3. Just a few things..
    *SUSPENSION?! Sucks, ma'am, that stinks like poo.
    * Do you WANT to look like a witch/biker? if so, then own it! True Voguies don't go for that accidental outfit thing.
    *Sammie. Where in the world did you find him? Really awesome. not gonna like.
    Till next time!

  4. Suspension!? That really stinks. But, you know, Doctor Who is good too. :)
    Really cool pictures! You're starting to get me into flash photos. (:

  5. Those pictures look that something that would be in Vogue.
    I need to get my friends over to do something like that...

  6. you look gorgeous. and doctor who makes up for all suspensions. :))
    -jocee <3

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  8. very cool.
    stinks that you got suspended. if i were in your shoes, i would have watched "monk" the entire week. :)
    and also, i'm praying for you.

  9. welcome back, dear one! you have been missed. not glad to hear that you were suspended, but very glad that you have come back! :)

    your photographs are GORGEOUS. your makeup is really interesting, and i love it!

  10. Olivia, I'm going to agree with Natalia- that you are not setting a great example right now. Seriously.
    Other than that, I love the photos. It would have been wicked cool to go down to the ocean at night! :)

  11. Oh Sam, yep, that's meh best frand right thar. <3 :P Burrrrr, talk about freezing your tits off. DOCTOR WHO = <3...no, MATT SMITH = <3. :P Heehee, see you @ school.

  12. YAYYYYY!
    You're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier!!!! :D

  13. Wow! That shoot looks like you guys had an epic time. Totally gorgeous to see the pics!!!!


  14. Wow!!! Love these pictures!!! You and your friend look amazing, of course! haha


  15. YAY! Your back! We missed ya! :) Ugh. That sucks big time. So sorry that you got suspended. :(

    Oh, don't get me started on the rumor mill. I can't stand gossips. I'm sorry that you got asked that. Seriously????

    You look gorgeous as usual and your makeup? Utterly beautiful... <3

  16. so glad you're back olivia!
    that shoot looked like so much fun : ) that make-up is terrific and the outfits amazing.
    have a great week!

  17. Yay! You're back, Olivia. :-)
    Nice pictures! I'm starting to like flash because of you.

  18. Hey olivia, just wanted to let you know I have a makeup giveaway goin on over at my blog, and a feather headband us being given away too. Here's the link if you want to check it out:


  19. Doctor Who. <3. Oh my.
    Glad you're back!

  20. why were you suspended? suspended from school? i'm sorry, i'm confused.

  21. You look SO much like Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter... (that is meant to be a compliment). :)

  22. I like your makeup it's really pretty!
    Why were you suspended?

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  24. Hey girl, its sues again:)
    Just wanted to let you know, that I'm behind you 100%. And I LOVE YOUR BLOG. and if I ever want to meanly critize you, I won't comment, cause that is just plain rude!


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