07 December 2011

INSPIRATION // glitterbomb

I have an aversion to color. Seriously, I'd be fine if everything was in shades of grey. And glitter? Not really my thing. So... bright. chipper. cheerful.

But when paired with enough black and leather? I'm definitely feeling the glitterbomb vibe.
Found these two in my closet...

glittery Black Swan-eque makeup by Sammy. It took literally an hour and a half, starting from scratch.
Sam says, "put your paws up."
Oh Sammy. I love you. And Gaga.

By the way, check out the new background + header combo. Wintery, no?

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  1. oh gee, I love your new design. and that first photo of you, the b&w with that legit makeup? epic.

  2. oh i love <3 the sequins. got a pair of black skinnies waiting to be paired with the right glitter top!

  3. Your makeup is great. I would never have the patience :P Did you wear it anywhere?

  4. loving your new design! cool post :))
    -jocee <3

  5. Everything about this post is amazing. I was never really into the glitter trend, but now, it seems so cool.

    And the makeup. Wow. Sammy's hour and a half of creating that masterpiece was well worth it. It's so gorgeous.

    P.S: I love the blog's new look, especially the header.

  6. love the make-up! good for you, sitting there for an hour and a half!

  7. Wow.
    Your black swan makeup? SOO AMAZINGGG.
    Looks beautiful :)

    And those big chunky stone rings? Delicious.

  8. Wow, your make up is incredible. Sammy is super talented!

  9. I love your makeup! Ahmaahzing.

    Wow, some of those photos are...wild...:P

  10. i ♥ that make-up sammy put on you! it's totally amazing. and the new design is a really nice change. i like it : )

  11. I love your style! It's so original and creative!

  12. haha, that's a change. i remember you saying before that you never put photos in black & white because you loved color too much.

  13. glitter is amazing. like magpies, i'm attracted to shiny, glittery things:)


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