15 December 2011

VIDEO // let's have a chat

Here's a quick video in which I explain why skankiness is not my goal... and trust me, it's not for modesty reasons.

If you guys have any questions for me about anythinganythinganything at all, leave a comment and I'll address it in a later video. I feel like filming.


  1. I. Completely. Feel. For. You.
    Where I live it's Hollister, AE, VS Pink & hunting gear. Yeah. Together. Seriously.
    Don't get me started on what "formal" means to these people.
    So, completely agreeing. haha A LOT.

  2. Do you happen to be wearing a John, Paul, George & Ringo tee shirt? If so, you are amazing :) You're so great! I love your opinions on fashion... makes so much sense :) So. You could move to New York, or you could move to where I live, where they're trying to close the only school that's not super 'white'. Yum. Oh well, you are awesome :)
    -charlotte <3

  3. You are awesomeness. I love this video - a lot. Completely true about dressing because it's what you want to wear vs. dressing to impress boys.

  4. such an empowering video! love, love, lvoe the message you are conveying!

  5. loved it so much i didn't even realize i misspelled that last love...oh well!

  6. first off: you are so funny.
    second: good for you! can't wait to see you on the cover of Vogue.
    third: honestly, i don't think i'm the kind of person you are when it comes to fashion. i'm a more mild, sweetheart/romantic/vintage kind of girl {and i think the 90's are awesome, by the way, i mean, that's when i was born} and i like it. i don't dress to impress people, or boys, or whatever, i dress for me, just like you. i dress to... i guess you could say make a statement, that girl, who happens to be african-american, can be whoever she wants, and doesn't have to give a crap about what anyone else thinks. you know? of course you know. also, i so know what you mean about your school. i mean, i'm homeschooled, and i know. it's bad. i'm so sorry.
    great post :))
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: cats rule.}

  7. Ugh. Can I just say that you're my hero. I rarely comment but I read your blog faithfully, and the way you dress is insanely inspiring. I'm homeschooled, which makes me weird enough right? The fact that I'm wearing Maxi skirts and "Grandpa sweaters" next to the girls here in Uggs and skin tight clothing, I mean, I stand out. And that's okay. You're one of the reasons I think that's okay. SO thank you. A lot.

  8. ah i love this video. i seriously watched it like 3 times. (1:40 is seriously the best part.)

  9. You're awesome. As a woman who's worked in the Fashion Industry in LA, I salute you. Seriously. Keep doing your thing.

    Much love,

  10. HAHA, yup, we have a reallyyy white school. I adore your fashion, but I could care less what people at school think; I want to strut around in fancy clothes for myself. Unfortunately I has no money to do so, so I'm stuck w/ what I got.

    PS - if you go to New York, take me w/ you.

  11. Wooh! Go Olivia! :D
    I'm glad you dress up for yourself and not for others because that's what TRUE fashion is all about. :)

  12. i totally agree... you have really inspired me to wear what I want to wear and not really care what other people think :) and it's worked and people don't hate it :)I quit straightening my hair a long time ago and I refuse to fall into the "straight hair is the best hair" category. Yay for Weird clothes and curly hair!!


  13. This is so awesome. I <3 the video c: You're so inspiring with your fashion. You've definitely helped me out. I'm homeschooled, so my uniform is anything I want to wear c; And it's awesome! But it must be so sad to go to a school where you have to dress like a demented fish :| {dunno where that came from, but it seemed like the proper use of words}.

  14. bahaha you crack me up!
    favorite moments:
    "i kinda look like i got mauled by a house cat."
    "or i could where this big ol' grandpa sweater. that's much more attractive."
    when you just throw the shirt on the ground
    "and here's a cat!"
    and of course the awkward ending
    made my day.

  15. Ahaha thanks Olivia :)
    This made my day.
    Well, my blogosphere day.
    But still
    Thank you.

  16. haha...you're funny.
    Good for you that you don't dress to impress. :) And that you wear the cloths you wear for the sake of fashion.

    You've done some neat things with eyeshadow and eye liner to make them look like wings, that would be cool if you did a tutorial on that.

  17. Olivia, you are amazing!!! This is exactly how it is at my school...absolutely no fashion and yoga pants everywhere. The other day I had my jeans rolled up like in J.Crew...and a girl made fun of me because she said I looked like a retard (she's the one who only wears yoga pants year round and ugly shirts and clash with her hair)...I just wanted to scream at her and tell her that that is actually fashion....because no one in my tiny town knows how to dress outside of yoga pants, mocassins, and uggs.

    Random rant done with, I'd love to see makeup tutorials...and maybe how you sketch so well...totally jealous!

  18. you are too funny :)
    i know exactly the kind of girls you're talking about. except at my school, the trend has gone from yoga pants to no pants. like, these super thing, super slutty leggings, and it's actually kind of disgusting.

  19. Okay, so let me just say- I love you. And I don't even know you. But you're amazing. Hopefully that doesn't creep you out. But I love your blog. You're so funny and fashionable.

    So...yeah. Basically. This video was great.

    yay for awkward endings!!


  20. i love how independent you are. lots of my friends want to be "in". i can't say i don't get sucked in, but it doesn't make sense why one type of thing should be popular... yay for diversity in clothing! and everything else! :)

  21. three words: i love you.

    epic epic video. gets the point across perfectly.

  22. Can I just say that you are epic, amazing, and AWESOME! Where I come from all the girls wear skin tight clothing. And me? I love vintage clothing, jeans, and cute skirts. That's who I am. My sense of "fashion" is still in the works, but I love everything from weird and insanely dark pieces to frilly lacy dresses.

    I might be homeschooled, but I feel your pain. The other day I was in a store with a friend and we saw all these skanky looking girls in skin-tight see through leggings and tops. It's awful. Of course they snickered at US in our trench-coats, but we just smiled and walked away.

    Go weird dressing!!!! I can't wait to see you on the cover of Vouge someday! ;) And one day maybe we'll meet in NY! (my goal is to live there sometime)

  23. Way to go girl! :) I love how funny you were and how you weren't awkward around the camera. I enjoyed it!

  24. It's awesome that you don't care what other people think! And I like that your goal isn't to get boys' attention. I do think that some of your outfits, whether you meant them to or not, really do turn heads and send the message,"look at me!" You can make a statement and express yourself without showing so much skin and getting the wrong kind of attention. :)

  25. You have inspired me. SO MUCH!

  26. but you used to be one of those people that was like HALF OF MY WARDROBE IS HOLLISTER. your old posts were like that and now you're saying it's bad.

  27. @Sara: I'm sure there's a post on this somewhere, but in middle school I was very shy and wanted to blend in... I since realized what a sucky way to live your life that is!

  28. thank you SO much. this is VERY true. fashion defines who you are, not what other people think of you. not what you want other people to think of you. lovelovelove this. we all needed to hear this. :)

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  30. I loved this. you totally inspire me to be different. and i have curly hair! *high fives*
    and i freaking love cats. and i love your style.

    Jana (:

  31. Hey Olivia, I wanted to ask: What do you think of Uggs? I personally hate them {not the people that wear them, but I just... don't like them}. Heheh, please let me know what you think! c:

  32. Hey Olivia!
    I was wondering, could you do another video about finding your style? I really liked when you did that a while back, and was wondering if you could maybe add on to what you did previously?


  33. Hello! It`s good to visit this blog. I love the new background. I think that if I visit a place like that it would take my breath away. Definitely.

    I totally agree with what you say in your video. I wear clothes for myself! If a like a shirt or a dress or whatever, I will wear it. I like we have that in common. I think everyone should bear that in mind when it comes to dressing.

    Nice blog (: Good luck and cheer up!

  34. You inspire me. The video was awesome. Like the awesomest funniest things I've watched all day. Maybe all week. You= awesome.

    PS... sequins= oh yes.

  35. I laughed. out loud.
    I love this.
    "Ohhhmigosh holister and pink on my but. they coordinate right? both pink?"
    Great video log or whatever they're called.
    you should do more of these.
    yes, you should.


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