23 December 2011

LIFE // i have loved you for a thousand years

Remember the dance I mentioned in the video?

Sammy and Anne came over, and Sammy did our makeup.

And Anne and I started singing that "Be a Man" song from Mulan at literally the top of our lungs... my mother went all ninja and took unknown photos... which I just found...

Aww let's have another adorable group shot.
Why is my face SO much paler than my arms... anyway moving on...

Sammy, Anne, and Emily all slept over. We watched The Devil Wears Prada, then gossiped, then woke up and watched Tangled because YES we are just that cool.

Interlude: Okay, that movie? That movie made me cry because it was so adorably romantic. And I am a person who is extremely unromantic. (Anne has pegged me as a "closet romantic" and I think she's right.) I've been listening to Christina Perri's Thousand Years on repeat and watching the first four minutes of UP and adorable marriage proposals on Youtube ever since.
Dear lord I'm turning into a girl...

Moving on. Sammy had to leave, so Anne and Em and I built a fort. In my room. Out of sheets. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING FORT EVER. (It's still up.)
Then we watched Pretty Little Liars.
It was very nice.

And then my back was attacked with Sharpies... and Anne's arm.

It was very good.


  1. I love sheet forts, they're the best :)
    also, Up makes me cry.

  2. that is one legit fort. and the photo of you guys belting out music: priceless.
    -jocee <3

  3. Aw, this sounds like so much fun! Your back looks AMAZING. The fort is so dreamy. And the pictures are so cute!

    And, Mulan? For the past month 'I'll make a man out of you' song has been repeatily sung throughout the weeks between me and my friends. We even looked up the lyrics online and printed them. <3

  4. Is sammy gay??is sammy a boy or girl .... not trying to be rude just wondering

  5. That fort is freaking sweet. I WANT ONE. Haha.

  6. you are helarious!
    i ♥ the movie Tangled too : )

  7. Okay.
    1) Christina Perri is wonderful. I had to read the post when I saw the title.
    2) Thanks for making me tear up at the wedding proposal. Now I'm surfing YouTube for more. You've converted me! Noooooo!

  8. the tent looks amazing. and Sammy is so pretty. Tangled is a pretty cute movie too.

  9. tangled? yes.
    sheet fort? yes.
    your complete adorableness? yes.

  10. looks like a lot of fun! the fort is awesome, and the sharpie art is amazing. :) my friends and i always draw on our backs with water colored pencils. :)

  11. You guys looked lovely :) And that is one epic fort. :D

  12. I love your makeup, it's gorgeous! Tangled is literally one of my favourite movies and Be a Man is my favourite Disney song. Ever. I love that blanket fort, it looks like so much fun! :)

    whenever i try to build a fort it ends up as a pile of sheets

    also your room is very cool

  14. oh and i have the same thing with the pale face thing
    everywhere else i am practically black (....well, maybe not) but my face is like a vampire or something
    my mum said i looked emo the other week
    ..thanks, mum

    that's all lol

  15. MULAN IS AWESOME!! haha aaand the fort. and the sharpie art (:

  16. Looks like you girls had tons of fun! I LOVE forts!! Haha. :D

  17. 1. Christina Perri is amazing. I have a Thousand Years on repeat on my iPod.

    2. Tangled/Mulan/Up? EPIC. You are NEVER too old for Disney..... :D

    3. Sheet forts? I love them, haven't done them in awhile though.... ;)

    4. Your complete adorableness and Sammy's awesome makeup job? Stunning.


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