28 January 2012

FASHION // i will leave this town just to sleep underneath your bed

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So I'm feeling a bit better — well enough to go shopping. Twice, actually.

Last weekend I had my mother drop me off in Falmouth, and I happened to meet up with my friend Ross there. He helped me shop — aka, held all my things and went to go fetch stuff while I spent money — and I ended up with a blackJuicy Couture purse ($10), a red suede Cole Haan bag ($15) and a new pair of boots ($15, and in the outfit below).

Story about the shoes:
When I was trying to decide whether or not to buy them, Ross decided to offer this helpful contribution:
"I like them. They're like snow boots. Like, these are what you would wear if you were looking for the Abominable Snowman in Scotland."
"Ross, the Abominable Snowman lives in Tibet."
"You don't know that."
"And I'd be wearing more rugged shoes than this."
He just looked at me. "No, you're OLIVIA. You would wear those."
"...you're probably right."

shoes: Qupid // shorts: I.L.U // sweater: Luxe // hat: made by my granny // necklace: Nordstrom

Today I went again with my sweet friend Jackie. I bought this super-soft sweater and these cheetah print shorts together for $10.48 at Goodwill (oh, Goodwill, how I love you) and now I'm just sort of having a lazy day.
And my hair is in fishtail pigtails. That is all.

For the record, I'm not just posing when I pull on my pigtails. I do it a lot. Too much, actually.


  1. you + fishtail pigtails = the most adorable sight on the face of this earth. you are so rockin' that outfit! especially the boots. they were just made for you. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. i love the boots you got. i'm so jelly. you have no idea. i'm sitting here fuming because i don't have those boots. argh.
    anyway, i love those outfits and your hair looks so pretty!

  3. this is an absolutely adorable outfit, olivia! you have such style and look soooooo lovely in your unique outifts : )
    i especially like the fishtail braids! they're awesome : D

  4. love your outfit and your fishtail pigtails. they are too cute.(:


  5. those boots. oh, my garsh. NEED THEM. Gahhh, dying.
    Okay, maybe that's a leetle dramatic. But still, amazing outfit ;)

  6. Wow. Those shoes are KILLER.
    Actually, this whole outfit is perfect.

  7. I love the one of you smiling... So beautiful.

    Awesome outfit.

    xx, Annie Rose

  8. I absolutely LOVE these pictures. And your outfit is so great. Honestly, it's my favorite outfit post you've done in a while. You're beautiful, Olivia!! Good choice on the shoes.

  9. okaaay, I really like these photos. the outfit is adorable, but I'd have to say that you're more so. (:

  10. I love your pigtails! Adorably awesome! Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  11. cute fishtails, girl! the whole outfit is splendid, those boots and that sweater (houndstooth! AHH!) work so well. :) and can I contact your granny to get the pattern for your hat? ;)

    I like your clever use of reflecting photos, in this post and espesh in the blog's header! looks so good.

  12. This is an ADORABLE outfit! And you are so gorgeous! :)

  13. I love your pigtails! The story about the boots made me laugh... partially because it was so true :) Your sweater is so cool! Sweaters = amazing. I'm glad that you're feeling better!
    -charlotte <3

  14. Don't you love when guy friend go shopping with you? They are so helpful;p One of my best guy friends came with me after thanksgiving and he mostly helped me reach the stuff I couldn't in the stores.. now when I go shopping by myself its SO dang difficult to grab things that are hung high! ;p

    Love the shoes BTW :) They are so you :)

  15. sejklasjflkdhsgalkhgd
    you always put all these things together and i'm just like wut but it alWAYS LOOKS SO GOOD

  16. I want those shoes! <3 Cute outfit.


  17. I want that sweater! Love the fishtail braids. I can't wait until my hair grows out.

  18. Those pictures: stunning.

    And I love your pigtails. :)

  19. you found some amazing stuff and goodwill and the shoes are amazing too

  20. OMGosh! Those shoes are awesome. Very Olivia! I am glad you are feeling better. :)

    P.S And your pigtails? Super cute! Nuf said.


  21. You are adorable. :) Love your hair and the colors!

  22. Those shoes are simply uh-mazing! Lovin' your cute fishtail pigtails! <3

  23. oh my goodness... do you know of anywhere i can get that sweater?! i am in love with it!


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