02 February 2012

FASHION // and we will put the lonesome on the shelf.

you and i // ingrid michaelson

I'm warming my hands with my breath here, because it was seriously freezing out there. You know, with the snow and all.

top: Forever 21 // hat: somewhere in Ireland I can neither pronounce nor remember // skirt: Delia's // shoes: Camilla1

Oh, and I got asked to prom by my best friend. So that rocks my world.
You make me happy, sweet boy.


  1. Awesome!
    I want a hat like that!
    Have fun at the prom!

  2. You're so lucky that its snowing where you live!
    Also, I love Ingrid Michaelson! Especially You and I!
    Oooh have fun at prom :)

  3. Hooray for Ingrid Michaelson references :) "You and I" is an amazing song.
    Also, have a great time at prom.

  4. Oh,love the hat!!! I'm irish,so anything Irish me love,especially when its a hat.

    Oh,I can't wait for your prom pictures....

    When is prom? lol,yes I'm homeschooled,so I don't know when they are usually held...although I myself did recieve a prom dress magazine in the mail a few weeks ago. (which totally are fun looking through).
    Oh,thats cool that you got ask by on of your bf's. If homeschoolers had a prom I'ld have SO MUCH fun dress,hair and makeup planning.

  5. I love this. The pictures, the "You and I" reference, and the outfit of course. :)

    Have fun at prom, I hope you have a lovely time :)

  6. so, i love this song. and your outfit. and even though you're warming up your hands in the first shot you still look really legit :))
    -jocee <3

  7. I love how those shoes have been making an appearance everywhere. (: oh, do tell us more about this sweet boy best friend of yours that makes you happy, hmm? ;]

  8. These are gorgeous. I hope it snows here too :)

  9. such a nice outfit, olivia! the snow and you warming your hands! it's so cool and creative : )
    have fun at prom with your best friend!
    -holly xo

  10. best friend as in, you're best friends but nothing more? or, best friend as in, it's probably going to become something more? either way, have fun.

  11. Loving the one tone outfit with the pop of color shoes!

  12. You are so thin...lucky. :)
    Is he JUST a friend?? :P

  13. Lovely post! You look great, love the shoes. And aw, your best friend is a cute guy, then :3

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


  14. I'm loving the shoes with this outfit!
    I just can't pull off all black with colorful shoes:(

  15. congrats on prom with the bestie! boys that are best friends are awesome; and going to prom with them make it more comfortable I'm sure. lovely outfit!

  16. Prom with your best friend. (: That's sweet.

  17. Olivia, this going to sound like a terrible comment, but I'm trying to be as kind as I can be.

    The quality of your blog posts have gone way down. All you seem to post about is fashion nowadays. I miss your old blog posts. They were MEANINGFUL. I'm not saying no one cares about fashion, but what you used to post about were seriously cool and interesting. Your last amazing blog post was July 21st 2011. That's kind of sad.
    So I'll ask you this? What happened to the old Olivia?
    This comment is probably going to get me a million hate comments on my blog, but I want to know at least I tried to bring you back.
    I miss the old Olivia. Please come back.

  18. I kinda agree with Maddie. I know you've changed a lot and you can't help that, and fashion is great, but maybe you could mix some other different posts along in with it?

  19. i like your fashion posts
    i think they're great
    blog about whatever you want

    i love this outfit, and the photos are gorgeous! i seriously love your shoes. i will break into your house and steal your wardrobe.

  20. loving the fashion posts -- especially in the snow. gorgeous.

  21. @everyone:
    Yes, the blog has changed.
    I've changed.
    A lot of shit has happened to me since this summer, not all of which I care to share with the world.
    I am simply a different person, and I understand if you don't like that. That's fine. It's your choice and your opinion.
    But I literally cannot go back to what I was writing before, simply because I don't feel that way any more.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I completely understand olivia
    i'm not even the same person i was a few months ago.
    People change sometimes just a little bit and sometimes a lot
    Fashions I liked a year ago, I hate now.
    Same with people and topics and just about anything else.
    Thank you for sticking with blogging even if you've changed or so many things happened to you. Every time I read a new post on your blog it just makes me smile and love your fashion.

  24. I've changed a lot too in the past year. It just happens. I guess sometimes I want more real posts, but I understand about changing.


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