20 February 2012

LIFE // some creepiness for you

In which my friends and I dress up as dead people and break into houses.

I. My friend Ayanah slept over last night and we had some fun with eyeshadow.

straight faces don't last long.

II. The next day we met up with our other friend Miranda, and wandered around Portland for a while taking photos (next post!). Then we broke into a house near where Miranda lives.
Well, an abandoned house.
From the 1800s.
Filled with cool stuff.
Like letters dated 1899.
You'll see.
I've mentioned how long I've been looking for a house like this, right? Years. This one? Perfect.
I love abandoned buildings with a burning passion.
i went in first. Ayanah was quite a bit more enthusiastic about climbing through broken glass than Miranda.

what's on the walls, guys. what is that. seriously. what.

all three of us with our Nikons... dressed like hobos... that's how we roll.

this is one of my favorites. the front door.

into the attic.

hey Aya, good to see you too.

the shower.

from left to right: history book, poster for a feedstore in "Yarmouthville" (nowadays just Yarmouth, ME), a 1917 National Geographic, a Victorian birthday card, and a change purse, a brooch, and a 1899 letter on top of another history book.

Miss Agnes M Call, Freeport, ME. not even a street address.

Check out E.T.Hathaway's phone number: 68•2. Mmmhmm. Yarmouthville.

cheque from June 28, 1910

every modern convenience, $2.00 a day. In 1899. Yeah.

rug catalogue.

there were a bunch of letters to Mr L. E. Ross. This one's from 1900, and as you can see below, someone wanted to buy his horse.

early 70s, I think? This was the most modern thing in there. After this, the house was boarded up. It was only recently unboarded.

victorian postcard. how amazing is she? I want to be her. look at that hat.

presumably one of the house owners in the 50s.

the basement.

Aya with her jugs.

the exterior.

"no trespassing..." ah. yes.

So that made me very happy.


  1. Whoa! What a cool house! Awesome pictures!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! your photography is amazing- I haven't seen it in forever! I'd also love to break into abandoned houses from the 1800's. (:

  3. You are so lucky! I would LOVE to go there.

  4. that is way too cool. a few friends and I found an old brick house in a woods but is far gone, with crumbling walls. still great for photo shoots though :)

  5. wow, what a thing to stumble upon! i so want to do that sometime...how cool to look at something like that : )

  6. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwww that is so cool. What a treasure finding a house like that with all that old stuff in it. Their was an old barn in the woods behind my house growing up and my cousin and I would go explore there like everyday. It was full of old junk and we loved it.

    I LOVE all that old kitchen stuff and that wallpaper in the house is just amazing.

  7. I'm so jealous, I would LOVE to do something like this.

  8. okay, this was like, pure amazingness. my favorite is the rug catalogue :)

  9. Wow!!! I've always wanted to explore an old abandoned house!!! I'm living vicariously though you right now.

  10. Cool house!
    I explored an old abandoned house once but didn't have my camera with me.

  11. you could be touching national treasures. just saying. love it!
    -jocee <3

  12. Bahh, that house looks so freaking amazing. That is all.

  13. Love the photos, the house looks amazing!

  14. AWESOME house. I'm jealous - I love old houses!

  15. Wow! This is so cool, I found an abanded house the other day while driving but I didn't have time to stop, I will defs be bringing some friends back there. Oh, and I think that's some sort of mold. gross...

  16. that is actually so cool, I would never have the guts to go into an abandoned house though, I've watched far to much pretty little liars for that hahahah. but really, so awesome

  17. agh, that is so so amazing! seriously jealous. there's this old abandoned mansion near where I live--it used to be an hospital/asylum, and I've been around the outside, but never inside. now I totally want to do it someday. only, it seems a lot darker and more rundown, without as many cool things as you found. but still--I'd like to at some point. you've inspired me. ;]

  18. such a fun adventure!


  19. More posts like this, please! I love all the pictures.

  20. WHAT?!?!?!?!??! WOAHH, WOAH, WOAH. This looks like an incredible amount of fun. And all that stuff is perfectly preserved? I want to go!! So jealous!

  21. Sooooo cool! Soooo AWESOME!!!!! =D Ahhhh I am so jealous, like it's my dream to find an old ran down joint full of cool old stuff!!!! U R so LUCKY!
    p.s Luv ur blog by the way :)

  22. Gosh, that house is beautiful! I've always wanted to find cool stuff in a house but I'm always terrified there would be hobos living in them ;)
    -charlotte <3

  23. Cool post! I've always wanted to explore a house like that. It's like a time capsule, you know? :)

  24. hey I was wondering if you could give me some advice...
    what would you do if one of your friends was self-harming and not eating?

    also, I love this post. Looks like a fun day. <3

  25. Too cool! Did you take any thing? :) ( i would have if i could!) I was shouting out about all the old letters and stuff to my parents and they were wide-eyed and there mouths were dropping! So was mine!

  26. Too cool! Did you take any thing? :) ( i would have if i could!) I was shouting out about all the old letters and stuff to my parents and they were wide-eyed and there mouths were dropping! So was mine!

  27. I ADORE THIS POST. That house is amazing. Did you take anything back with you? Honestly I would have taken everything and stuck it it frames.
    Find. More. Of. These. Houses. Please. XD

  28. Oh, I love it! I am a Victorian book collector myself, as well as a book binder:) I actually wrote another article on how to salvage damaged documents and repair and treat moldy books today, if you'd like to check it out. It may come in handy for some of those magazines, books, and other paper items you found, if you took any home to keep. Hope it helps!

  29. Adventures are the best. ♥

  30. I would be in that house ALL THE TIME. It would be like my own little place to get away from the world. It's so very lovely<3


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