01 March 2012

LIFE // FASHION // the camera's on and you're alive again

Now, long overdue, here are some of the shots from when my friends and I went into the city. They're all out of order, but basically we're all wearing either glasses and/or clothing of mine, being super hipsters with our Nikons.

dress: 90s // ripped tights: DIY // shoes: Carmen1 // coat and gloves: Forever21 // glasses: Urban Outfitters // hat: Grandmother

one of my favorite photos ever: me and miranda sucking down some black coffee because it was freezing

I took this one of Miranda

Bull Moose Music — those who live in Portland will understand its allure.

miranda in my boots (Forever21)

Isn't she gorge? my sweater (Forever21), her peacoat

RECORDS RECORDS RECORDS. all my favorite music on records. BULL MOOSE FTW
I think I might want to try putting rings over those gloves... there's some interesting black diamond rings for sale here that I might want to try... black + glitter = my life.

I went outside Starbucks to get this one of Miranda and Ayanah

epic graffiti.

me taking Ayanah's portrait.

I dyed my hair black on Sunday
and will be posting photos
as soon as I take some
it looks pretty snazzy


  1. love this...super cute outfits; all of you are gorgeous!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! <3 <3
    your photography is sooo inspiring!! (:

    p.s. i featured you on my blog todayy!!

  3. oh... and i am OH SO SUPER JEALOUSSSSSS of those floral shoes :/ :P

  4. p.s. i love the Crave cd that you have on your sidebar!<3

  5. I think this is my favorite outfit of your's...The booties and ripped tights totally make it awesomespice! Love it! :)

  6. These photos are genius, they're just so darn cute and wonderful and inspiring. Love.

  7. First of all, your outfits are amazing. Second, Portland is one heck of an amazing city. And third, I've not been inside Bull Moose Music, but it looks like record Heaven. I love it.

  8. THESE ARE AMAZING. Basically want to be your best friend, Olivia. HAHA. So creepy. But really, that first photo is so lovely!

  9. These are amazing! I love the first one! :D

  10. I love this post, like I seriously squeal whenever I see another post here.... I know you have heard it before but you are absolutely stunning and I love that outfit, and Miranda, well she is lovely too!


  11. Found your blog today! LOVE the way you photograph things, it has a definite individual touch to it =) Beautiful!
    I also LOVE your fashion sense!
    New follower!
    Much Love,


  12. Gahhh I'm so excited to see your hair! my friend dyed her hair black on sunday too.
    looks like a great weekend!

  13. Awww, lovely photos. :) I always enjoy you're pictures. :) Can't wait to see your hair!

  14. I am like totally in love with your clothes!! even though I don't wear short clothes:( But love your photography!!


  15. Love these photos and love Portland - how fun!

  16. i love every one of these. i was looking through trying to decide which one to pin, but all of them are so amazing!

  17. Coffee with a straw. I will have to remember that!

  18. i totally totally totally love your outfit!! specially the ripped tights. hehe


  19. I need some friends to run around and take photos with. I love all of these

  20. I love your creativity, and the fact that you're pretty hipster too! These are great pictures! :)

  21. what a fun trip with your friends, olivia! you outfit is so darn amazing and your friends are gorgeous too : )
    dyed your hair black? how interesting. so your hair colour before that must have been a dark brown or something? looking forward to seeing photos of your new hair@
    -Holly xo

  22. God loves you Olivia. Just thought I should let you know. :)

  23. That's nice... I suppose... I'm not Christian, but that's nice.

  24. do you think you will become bisexual, too, considering you support gays and are anti-Christian?

  25. Love the photos as usual, Olivia! :)

    And Tiera, wow, talk about ignorant. 1. People don't "become" bisexual. You're born attracted to who you love, though sexuality is fluid and over time you can find yourself attracted more or less attracted to different genders. 2. Olivia's not anti-Christian, the Christian religion just wasn't for her. I'm sure she likes Christians just as much as anyone else. And bisexuals aren't anti-Christian either.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, Olivia, but when I went to comment and I read hers, it really irritated me, especially since I've struggled with sexuality myself.

  26. You live in Portland, Maine????

    I live like a half hour away from there!

    Love the pictures

  27. Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls, beautiful city ;)

  28. Man, Olivia, you are amazingly gorgeous.


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