07 May 2012

college tripping

even though I'm a sophomore, my mother decided it would be a good idea for me to start looking at colleges.
so off we went.

our first stop was Boston...

the iPad kept us from getting lost; we used it as a GPS in the car... lifesaver, that thing is.

Then we went down to NYC and on the way stopped at Northhampton. It was suuuuuper warm...

We saw Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway, which was fantastic.

Funny story; the night we were in NYC my friend Jonathan (who is a junior) was also college tripping there, so we went and wandered around Central Park together at like ten o-clock. We didn't get killed, but Jonathan did flip out a bit when we saw a raccoon. Also, we got kind of subway-lost. But it's okay. We got back in the end.

From all the ones we looked at, I most like...

  • Smith
  • Hampshire
  • Northeastern
  • Barnard
I'd also like to check out Holyoke and NYU.

I want to graduate already... ugh...


  1. This is so exciting!! I didn't even tour a college until after I had applied. You're obviously more prepared than I was. Can't wait to see where you go! :)

  2. Hmm, awesome. I love New York City, especially Central Park. Looks like you had fun!

  3. Thats awesome :) What a fun trip :) I need to visit the schools i want to transfer too also :P

  4. wow girl...i am going to be a senior in the fall and i'm ignoring colleges because DUDE growing up is hard. so i commend ya on looking at colleges...sounds like ya'll had fun!

  5. oooh looks fun! yeah, my parents have been taking me to colleges with my other siblings and they're always like "take notes so we don't have to revisit these colleges when you get older." haha.
    Central Park must've been fun!

  6. Sounds fun! Awesome pictures. I'm not sure if I want to go to a regular college. I'd like to go to a few photography schools and journalism and go from there. I've always been a bit jealous of those fancy colleges, though :)

    Good luck!

    ~Brooke {via The Dove Tree}

  7. oiii college shopping ahaha sounds fun! I'm a sophomore too and I cannot wait to graduate either! it's hard to believe that we're barely halfway there! xx

  8. dude. I was just in NYC last weekend. such an awesome place. I saw Newsies on Broadway--it was fantastic too. :]

  9. Ooo. College hunting :) Must've been fun. I like all the collage things you did with your pictures. So sweet!

    xx, Annie

  10. this post was very american of you
    i dont really know what youre talking about
    but looks fun

    xoxoocooxicjkdoxckoxkfods maddie (●˘◡˘●)

  11. I'm so confused, but intrigued too. American schooling seems fairly different to English schooling, and I always have to google different terms and phrases to figure out what they mean.
    What do you plan on studying?

  12. Cool. I wish I lived near or in New York.
    What kind of editor do you use to put those frames and banners on the photos?

  13. oh wow, that looks sooooooooo interesting! i love how you've pointed out everything so stylishly and your clothing style is as good as ever! : )


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