02 May 2012

the pants

sorry for not posting a lot, guys, I've been super swamped with school. I've scheduled a few posts every 4-5 days so you won't be wanting for a little bit.
if you like, follow me on Tumblr. I update that a bit more, just because it's easier to write quick little life-blips. I have a load of posts queued on that one too.

so on 9 April I decided to finally wear these pants.
mustard yellow
ski pants
from the early 60s.

They were my grandmother's.

I got some weird looks; The Pants even got sarcastically tweeted about.
This is what I aim for, folks!

(also have I told you guys about my new boyfriend)
(he's adorable)
(he looks like Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch made a child that had Amy Pond's hair colour)
(he's the bass player in a rather successful local band)
(he's going to Princeton next year)
(he's very smart)
(and likes going on weird adventures with me)
(it is very exciting)
(he's basically the perfect human being for me)
(it's very odd)
(I keep expecting him to be gay or something because he's too good to be true)
(so yeah)
(he lives in the next town over so we can't see each other all the time)
(but it's okay because he has a car)
(and also he called me last night just to talk)
(which was adorable)
(nobody ever calls anybody anymore)


  1. I love those pants! I love the whole outfit. :)


  2. gah, you so pull those off. gorgeous!

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. They're adorable! I totally wish I could pull off pants that cut.
    I'll have to settle with a different cut, but same color. Yellow is the freaking best.

  4. Oh. My. God. Those are awesome!!! Especially with the heels!

    Yay on the new boyfriend! :)

  5. first: those pants. oh my gosh those pants. you better where those at the new york fashion week, because i'll die of happiness if you do.
    second: "he looks like Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch made a child that had Amy Pond's hair colour." that is freaking awesome. i love both of them so much. and i also love how you spell "color" with a u. so much more sophisticated, yeah?
    -jocee <3

  6. HAHAHA. I love the pants. Actually, I'm obsessed with the pants. They are incredibly awesome. And actually, the trend right now is 100% definitely bright colored, high-waisted pants so that tweet is hilarious. That is all.

  7. Mustard yellow is so in right now :) You look gorgeous.

    Congrats on the man ;)

  8. umm we kinda need pictures of your boyfranddd? :)

    that tweet is hilarious. hahaha

  9. You somehow manage to ROCK 1960's bright yellow woolen pants! and yay for the boyfriend! ;)

  10. How adorable! I am so happy you have such a wicked awesome boy! I can say , I'm a bit jealous :) I love the fact you will wear whatever you think looks good and not worry what others think, you make everything look beautiful!


  11. OH MY GOSH HE SOUNDS SO PERFECT FOR YOU!!!! I love your yellow pants! The highwaisted-ness is so cool! Like, it wasn't enough that they were already yellow, but NO! They're high waisted too :) I love your outfits all the time!
    -charlotte <3

  12. Your pants. THEY ROCK.

    Can I have them?

  13. oh my freaking goodness.
    yellow pants.
    you just achieved major cool points.
    i wish i had some; yellow is a favorite of mine & i love colored pants.

    by the way, the boyfriend? sounds perfect.
    not that you even care, but i totally approve.

    have a marvelous day!


    oh and btw, your boyfriend sounds perfect. :3

  15. those pants are fabulous. your man sounds adorable. (:

  16. Love the pants! Your boyfriend sounds awesome. :)


  17. #YOU DONT kNOW FASHION !!!!!!!!11!!1

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. omg are you dating a ginger

  20. I looked at my dashboard and was like "omg yellow ski pants"! You are workin' it, girl! :)

  21. hahaa, that tweet is hilarious-it's stupidity, I mean. Because, even though trends/fashion/whatever is totally overrated and possibly might not even exist, mustard yellow and high waisted IS in. Like TOTALLY in. At least where I'm from. Ahhh, oh well. People will be people.

  22. I love those trousers. To like, a level that I would probably even steal them and I have never stolen anything.
    Yet. Until I find these trousers...
    And yay for nice boyfriends!

  23. I love those pants. That's so cool. Isn't funny that those were instyle 45 years ago?
    But still, they are cute. :)

  24. Gosh you rock those pants girl! I love them!

    You got a ginger? NO FAIR!!! (Yeah, I totally crush on gingers, blame Rupert Grint and Allen Leech for that) Congrats on the boyfriend! He sounds ah-mazing and dreamy. :)

  25. I am seriously in love with those pants. <3 And congrats on the new boyfriend! He sounds great. :)

    ~ Abby

  26. picture of the boyfriend, pretty please? :D

  27. ps - haha those pants are...interesting. I wouldn't wear them, but you look adorable in 'em. amen girl. f*** the trends. :]

  28. oh my god he sounds amazing :)
    and love these pants!

  29. Just curious, what creepy events have happend to you with your wicca? cool pants too. i like the colour of them. very pretty.

  30. Gods I love those pants so freaking much. Your boyfriends sounds wonderful.

  31. Hey olivia i love your blog ! and i was wondering if your boyfriend was wiccan?does he mind that you are ? what are his beliefs ? if theese are to noise you dont have to answer any :) love you girl!

  32. Olivia, only you would be brave enough to wear those! And only you could actually pull them off!
    Seriously, if you weren't so awesome I could hate you. XD You and your amazing style.
    Oh yeah, and congrats on the new boyfriend! ;D

  33. oh olivia, how do you do it?

    everything you wear suddenly becomes fresh and beautiful. and, well, you aren't going to just leave us hangin' with this idyllic gentleman friend of yours, right? you would not be so cruel. :)

  34. so that story at the end was thebomb.com so excited for you two!

  35. girl. who cares if mustard high waisted pants are in (THEY ARE)? you should make them in style (YOU DO). so there.

    um. i need pictures of this DW/Sherlock bf. stat.

  36. I bet your boyfriend is "RUDE. AND NOT GINGER." Sorry. I saw a ginger comment up there and couldn't resist, even though that's the wrong doctor. Seriously though, Doctor Who and Benedict Cumberbatch = match made in heaven, and we need pictures, stat!


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