28 April 2013

captive audience

dress, Forever 21
jacket, Gap / vintage
boots, Doc Martens
belt, seed belt from an Amazon tribe
earrings, Target

...I slept on my hair wet so it was all over to one side and people kept being like "I LOVE YOUR HAIR" and I just didn't know what to say in return
"thank you sir, my pillow is my stylist"
"ah yes I hear he does all the red carpet looks"


  1. i love your piercings and your necklace.

    1. Thanks! I had like 10 piercings that I did myself over a week or so, but I took most of them out. The necklace is one I made when I was 10 with hemp and ostrich eggshell, and then the charm in the center is a silver cast of a hummingbird skull my mother got me this christmas.

    2. you are my actual hero

  2. Oh wow, can I have your pillow?! Because that's one beauty of a hairstyle...who knew that the pillow could style better than a professional!!

  3. This is such a cute outfit on you!

    and I laughed at your replies about your hair. lol, mine never looks that good when I wake up. ever. #bedheadproblems



  4. asdfghjkl you're so ridiculously cool and stylish, these pictures are fabulous! haha, I'm so envious, my pillow and my hair are kind of at war ;)


  5. that dress is so cute! and i love your eyeliner and earrings and boots and belt and askdsf.

  6. You look gorgeous!
    i saw this post a couple days ago and then today in school I saw someone wearing this dress that you have and I couldn't remember why it seemed so familiar.
    Anyway, this is insanely wonderful and your hair is great.

  7. cute outfit! and i wish my pillow was as kind. :)


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