04 May 2013


so some friends and i put up our art at a local coffee shop (Maine Roasters Coffee in Yarmouth if anyone from Maine wants to go, it'll be up all month) and caffeine + us is a bad thing

Sarah just won't stand still

true art.

i just... i don't know what i did here

then my friend Emma and I met up with my buddy Josh (who I shamelessly forced my love on until he loved me back) at the First Friday Art Walk, which is this cool thing in Portland where all the art galleries are free and there are street musicians and vendors and unf.

aaaand then my friends Ollie and Dare showed up and Emma and I third/fourth wheeled for a bit in the Portland Museum of Art. (did I mention that we have an amazing art museum here in Maine because WE DO I go like once a month and it never gets old)

ollie instructed us to "look artsy... no not you guys"

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  1. Love the pictures! I wish some place in my city would let me put up pictures!


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