07 May 2013

a bird in the hands?

So I was procrastinating and making a TARDIS house for my David Tennant Sim and I heard this clunk on our living room window... I saved the game and went outside and there was a BIRD sitting on our porch.
Just chilling out.
With a concussion.

So, worried, I picked him up and waited until his momentary stun faded... which ended up being closer to 15 minutes...

I'd never seen a songbird like him before (which is unusual because 99% of my time is spent staring at things with feathers)... turns out he's an Ovenbird. Ovenbirds are apparently great at making poor choices because they make their nests on the ground. Which means that somewhere in my yard/woods/neighborhood, there's a nest. On the ground. Why.

So. Yeah. That was on Sunday... the rest of my life was not nearly so interesting.


  1. Know exactly what you mean about life being uninteresting. Ugh.

    So cool that you held that bird, though! It's so pretty.



  2. is it called an oven bird bc u cook it in an oven

  3. just kidding hahaha the oven bird is cute and i want to be its friend

  4. the detail on the feathers is incredible!



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