20 June 2010

Crystal Clear

First of all, thank you *so much* to everyone who supported me on my "rainy day" post. It really helped. The sun finally came out, so to speak. :)

Also, happy Father's Day everyone! I'm currently on a hunt to find my dad an iPod by the end of the day... eep! Craigslist.com is my friend right now.

Anyway, I was feeling nonsensical and very girly last night so I snapped these pictures. I seem to have an awful lot of crystal lying around...

{my great-grandmother's necklace, circa 1920's}

{clump of crystals and box from Bosnia}

{a boring old paperweight spiced up by the interesting antique vase, from somewhere in the Middle East}

{a lead-crystal droplet on my lovely 1930's chandelier}

PS- on a sadder note, Charlie the mouse passed away. We're not sure what happened, but he rests in peace in a little mousey grave now.


  1. Those are some beautiful pictures, Olive!! =D Great job!

    Happy Father's Day to your dad! =D

  2. LOVE the first picture--your photography is amazing! Oh, I am soooo sorry about Charlie. He was the cutest thing:)

  3. Lovely photos! You have a gift for making ordinary things look beautiful.

    Oh, and I'm so sorry about Charlie!

    Queen Lucy

  4. Wow, those pictures are amazing! I am so sorry to hear about Charlie! He was so cute in the pictures!


  5. Wow, nice pictures and crystals! I love rocks & minerals, so I find the second image really cool esp. :)

  6. Lovely photos! Amazing!
    I'm so sorry about Charlie... that's really too bad. At least you got some cute photos of him to remember. :(

  7. I'm so proud of you, Olive Tree! I'm glad you were able to overcome your problems. Pretty pictures, and I'm sorry about your loss!


  8. Love the effect that you did! Poor Charlie, sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace :(

  9. Gorgeous pictures! My favorite would have to be the last one :)

    I'm so sorry about Charlie...he was adorable :(

  10. I didn't even notice the fine print, Olive. I'm so sorry! That's right, he's resting in peace. )':

  11. What pretty pictures! Poor Charlie...

    I hope you find an iPod :)

  12. I'm sorry about Charlie. Your pictures are very nice! And I have been praying for you constantly

  13. i'm jealous of your great grandmother's necklace! and i'm sorry about charlie. :(

    Can I have it?
    Awww, poor Charlie!

    Glad you're feeling better!

  15. Wow, beautiful pictures and I'm happy you're feeling better :-)

    I am really sorry about Charlie. I guess some creatures just aren't meant for the "inside-life". I give him the best future wishes wherever he may be!


  16. I love the third one down the best. They are all gorgeous though!

  17. I love the pictures and I'm so sorry about Charlie The Mouse! :( He is resting in peace now.


  18. Gorgeous pictures, beautiful, amazing, and oh-so-elegant. Its good to feel girly every once in a while, haha. When I feel girly I hop into a dress, put in Justin Bieber, and take pictures of me in my dress in the mirror...I'm odd that way, haha(: Taking pictures of crystal is a better way to express girliness. I think I will imitate you when the mood strikes again. Haha.(:

    Love you!(and seriously...the pictures are good)

  19. WOW! Those are amazing. I LOVE Crystals...so beautiful and blingy:)


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