16 June 2010

Olive Tree's New Friend

I'll give you three hints...

1. He lives in an eggshell.
2. He has a long tail.
3. He's adorable.

Have you guessed yet?

Was your answer...

Yes, everyone meet Charlie the baby deer mouse. He is my new best friend and 100% adorable. Right now he's living in a fishbowl on my dresser with an empty (green) eggshell as a hidey-hole, but he is soon to get a real little aquarium-ish home. With an exercise wheel.
He's my buddy. Poor fella was dazed and confused in our driveway... and I just couldn't resist. He's old enough to be without his momma so I figured, why not? My mom (who had done similar things as a teenager) agreed to it and Charlie came to live in my room. He is pretty unafraid and will scamper over my hand readily.
More coming soon. :)

PS - 42,000 + words on my novel... *so happy*


  1. Last time I saw a rodent (mouse) it bit me :P But now I have a hamster. :) And Charlie's soooo cute!! Nice name ;)

  2. OMG! Charlie is soooooooooooooo cute! I love mice and rats... at camp last year, they had little mice that scampered all over your arms! He is SO adorable!

  3. Aw! Normally I wouldn't say that, but AW! He's so cute! And congrats with your novel--that's a big mark! You gonna do nanowrimo this year?? Please say yes...:-)

  4. He's adorable, but what about your cat(s)? Wouldn't Charlie make a nice meaty-treat for Willa? I sure hope he stays in that egg shell. ;)
    lol jk

    Love your friend,

  5. So so cute! I wish my mom were as willing as yours to adopt little wild animals!

    Queen Lucy

  6. A mouse! And his name is Charlie - prefectness. I hope you guys have tons of fun.


  7. Omigoodness!!! He is such a handsome little thing. He should be a celebrity mouseXD

    Congrats on your novel! I'm with Hannah; are you doing Nano?

  8. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha, just kidding (kinda...)-- but he IS adorable! Anyways, gotta run!


  9. What a cutie! :) I like the name you chose for him! :D


  10. AWW!!!!!!!!!! As you probably know, I LOVE MICE! They are my favorite animal!
    I have always had pet mice, and currently, I have 14 of the little rascals living in my room. My current mice are fancy mice, but I've done something very similar before and rescued a little deer mouse pup. Unfortunately, my little Scamper, didn't survive very long. He wasn't really old enough to be off of milk, but his mother had died. Long, sad story. But basically, I HATE snap traps. :(

    Anyway, a big squeaky hello from my mousey tribe! Reepicheep, Rhindon, Anahera, Tarva, Alambiel, Desta, Berko, Rutendo, Sethunya, Asha, Makena, Nkosano, Sefu, and Zola all welcome Charlie. I'm glad that there's now another person in the blogging world with a pet mouse! :D

    (By the way, I tried to comment on your welcome back post, but it didn't work for some reason. I'm not ignoring you though, just been busy. So I'll say it here, a little late; GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK! *Purrs*)


  11. I'm sure he is very blessed that you saved him :)

    So cute!

  12. ADORABLE!!! Absolutely adorable!
    Caroline's right, he should be a celebrity!

  13. Yeah, I don't usually like mice in general, partly because of all the scritchy-scratchy noises they make, and partly because I'm a cat person, but Charlie is very cute!

  14. He is so cute!!!!!!!!! I love his name. I once 'saved' a mouse from our best mouser cat, Nicky. She was toying with him a little much. My friend and I gave him oats and grain. He recovered and left. COngrats on your novel! I was going to do Nano-wrimo but I can't do it. It's too much. My sister did it though!! Twice. OMGSH!!! I WANNA BREED MICE!!!! Imagine how CUTE they would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my friends want some. If I could breed and tame mice, I could sell them. :) 25c per. lol!

  15. Wow, that's got to be one of the cutest things I ever saw! I love mice and want one but we have a lot of pets... a ton of pets I should say.

    Good luck to you and your new friend!


  16. Hey, Olive Tree! Charlie is so cute! Thanks for following my blog!


  17. Oh my gosh that is TOO adorable! Too cute for words! Awww!

  18. He's *too* cute! I think it'd be just adorable to have a mouse as a pet! Mumsy isn't so sure. :)

    Happy writing!! I have 69,951 words (EXACTLY). ^_^ the most words/pages I've ever had in any version of my book! So those 69,951words translate into 130 pages; 2401 paragraphs, and 5235 lines. :)Exact aren't I? :) :)


  19. CChhhhhaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!! Ohmigawd he is so ADORABLE! AH! MOUSEY MOAUSSSS. Owe Heehee. Ima see Charlie soon? Yes?

  20. Aw, good bye forever Charlie! But not a real goodbye.

    Wherever you may be,
    to Charlie: From ~*Sunstar*~


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