27 July 2010


Do you ever need a little push forward when there's something you need to do? Perhaps it's writing an essay. Maybe you're working up the guts to ask out the guy or gal you've liked since seventh grade. Possibly you have a huge speech or presentation. Or (and this is me most of the time) you are chasing after the feeling that java has been shot through your veins... without the caffeine high.

For me, music can provide this "high".

Confession time: I am a total playlist junkie. I switch them up all the time. The "On-The-Go" feature of my little green iPod is my new best friend. I relish my impending iTouch (thank you, thank you, thank you KeyBank! {Google it.}) partially because it's so much easier to access playlists.

Recently, I've been organizing my music into what I fondly call Moodlists. I have, at current point (in addition to "Writing Music" and "Music for Sweat and Blood, aka Heavy Labor", the latter reserved for such strenuous tasks such as lawn mowing, room cleaning, and frenetic workout/dancing/amazingness) five, a record low for me. They are thus: Sadness (when I feel melancholy), Sweetness (when I need a little nudge in the romantic direction), Happiness (mostly Owl City, makes me smily maniacally and people ask if I feel quite alright), Sleepiness (mostly Enya... when I have trouble falling asleep I plug this in), and my personal favorite, Confidence.

My confidence playlist helps me out in all the previously listed situations, in addition to more extreme scenarios including crocodile wrestling, the first day of high school, and feeding my cat. It has all the smiley-ness of the "Happiness" playlist, but is more fast-paced with uplifting-slash-rebellious melodies and lyrics that give me that aforementioned boost.

Basically, it's coffee in music form. Me being a total coffee junkie in addition to a playlist junkie, this is completely the best of both worlds.

Here is a shortened version of my Confidence playlist. Enjoy... and be sure to share your own playlists!

(PS... listening to the above playlist has made me have an odd sort of humor at the moment. Forgive me if this post is dreadfully confusing.)

(PPS: You'll notice I got rid of my background music... I figured that Carlotta was right, and a lot of blogs with music at the same time are annoying. They certainly are to me! Don't worry, though... now, many posts will have playlists of their own.)


  1. Hmm,
    I love changing around my Ipod aswell! I have alot of music to go by, Usually for cleaning i listen to Flogging Molly, The Dubliners, or something really upbeat. When I miss my dad i always listen to the Fables. When Im in the shower, i turn the (Ipod) sterio on to Micheal Buble.

    I like your Playlist!

    In Christ

  2. Mmmm, my sister just got an iTouch with her new laptop computer (because she is going to college) but in January she got a nano. She gave me the nano when she got the iTouch, but then she switched on me! Need I say that I really wasn't that upset? Mood playlists sound really cool! Hmmm..... *taps chin* perhaps you have an idea there... Sadly because my mom works from home and doesn't get off her computers (which happen to include the computer with my iTunes) I can't do that right now. I know, I know you can make On The Go playlists, but I only know how to do that on my 2nd generation blue nano (I loved it, but now I'm using my other one more... mainly because it has twice the amount of space, and Harry Potter on it...) I agree, with many blogs that have music, I either mute my computer or press pause. Sometimes I put headphones in, but it is really quite rare. Having a playlist on the post is a really good idea though!


  3. About your Playlist thing, you could always go to Playlist dot com and un-check the option that says "Playlist will automatically start playing". So people could just go to the blog and click "Play" if they want the music to play.

    But I like your Playlist ideas (Happy, Sad, etc). Though I despise of songs on them. LOL! Like Tik Tok or Pussycat Dolls or Lady Gaga) but I love, love-LOVE most of your songs. You got me liking Regina Spektor and Enya (which are now a couple of my favorite bands!).


    It wasn't THAT dreadfully confusing. (LOL!)

  4. Brooke: Oh, I know you can make it so they don't play automatically. That's what I did for the playlist in the post. But it also slows down the blog considerably so... I nixed it.

    I do have a kind of peculiar taste in music. Ke$ha is next to Led Zeppelin and Enya and Owl City all at once. Haha... I have an interesting taste in all things, really. (I.E, Abercrombie clothes mixed with vintage pieces; IKEA furniture with 1950's retro chairs; sushi with chocolate cupcakes, etc.)

  5. Cool post, Olive! I LOVE Owl City!! :D

  6. Cool idea! I really like the idea of the Moodlists... I might even use it for myself! :)

  7. Music is a funny little thing. To me, it's almost like I'm a rechargeable battery and I need music to keep me going. It's true- I don't feel quite alive without some sort of rhythm in the background. This does tend to be a small problem in school sometimes when I decide that desks make perfectly suitable drumsets...

  8. Aww, thanks for linking to my post, Olive Tree!

  9. I love Led Zepplin! My dad is learning a song from them for a band he is auditioning in (yes, he's a lead guitarist and plays pretty much any kind of guitar-I'm actually learning!)!


  10. Ha! I do the same thing. I need to go create some more playlists though. You are an amazingly talented girl! I though *I* was talented (yes, I have a big ego; why do you ask?) but you blow me away. Stop by and say hi!


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