27 August 2010

Beautiful... {skin} (plus special makeup tutorial)

Sorry for the delay! Here is the Beautiful... video for SKIN. (I admit: My own skin isn't 100% clear and I have huuuge dark circles/puffiness under my eyes. But I wanted to get the video done.)

Skin Care Made Simple

And in honor of Taylor Swift's new video for Mine, a special eye makeup tutorial...

Taylor Swift's Smoky Cat Eye

Eeek, I cannot *wait* to tell you all what I'm doing tonight! But my lips must stay zipped... check back tomorrow for a post on it! :D
OKAY! I was invited to a very special Taylor Swift concert/premiere of the music video Mine... only like 300 people were there and she preformed live! It was amazing. I have a huge amount of photos and videos for you tomorrow. 


  1. Awesome! I'm so excited about the Taylor Swift video!! :D

  2. Great tips! I love these beautiful posts :)

    So excited to find out what you're doing tonight!

  3. Olive Tree you are so beautiful!! Excellent tips. Can't wait for the Taylor Swift video! {Eep!}

  4. Thanks for the tips! Can't wait to hear what you are doing tonight...


  5. Great post! You're so right; skin is very important to take care of! I love using a homemade cinnamon-honey face mask (1 T cinnamon 2 T honey) and leave that on for about 10-15 minutes; wash off (sink or shower) then apply a tiny amount of coconut oil as a moisturizer while face is still wet. I use Tropical Traditions' honey and Gold Label Coconut oil, it's the best around (as well as the skin care products). Even just applying some coconut oil before bed after washing your face does wonders! You might want to check it out. :)

  6. Eeeep! I saw you in the video, at 0:21. And about the Mine premiere, you're so lucky.

  7. I saw you! I saw you! I just watched the video! I saw you! LOL! It was awesome!

    And thanks for the skin tips, they're helpful!

    And I can't wait to hear what you're doing tonight!


  8. These were great videos! :D I think your really pretty too :)



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