07 March 2011

rain snow rain.

That's what's been happening all day. Rain, snow, rain, snow. The weatherman calls it a "wintery mix". I call it depressing. "Wintery mix" is a far too elegant name, it sounds like dinner party food. This is definitely not a dinner party. The ground is covered with slush — I had to wear boots out to the bus stop today and change into my heels once I got to school. Any evening gown would be history after thirty seconds in this weather. The atmosphere is one of general blah.

So, of course, one must try to make her day a little happier and ignore the fact that it's sleeting outside.

I did this yesterday by making a little vlog. Now, I don't think vlogging is really my thing, but I mentioned a few music videos and such so I thought it would be appropriate. It's only four and a half minutes, I tried to keep it short.

I tried to do this yesterday but YouTube hates me and didn't upload my video. Pout. So I had to do it again today.

Oh, and that really exciting white thing I mentioned yesterday Saturday? That gets revealed in the video. Eeeeek.

PS: the video was taken with the webcam of my incredibly exciting white thing, that's why I only show you the box.

^^^ can you guys see that? ^^^
if you can't try the one below. 
the quality is lower but all I see is a black brick for the one above. 
wouldn't want that showing up on y'all's screen.
(please note above failed attempt at being Southern. 
o readers from the South, please correct me.
teach me how to say "y'all" and I'll teach you how to say "ayuh."
Kidding. I don't say ayuh. Just being a stereotypical Mainah.)

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xoxo, lovelies, and I hope you survive the week.
I don't know if I will.
Eh. I have key lime pie. I'll make it through.

PS: We're steadily approaching 500 followers! Wow. What kind of party do you guys want to have?


  1. I like you better now that I've heard your voice. Not that I didn't like you before, but it just helps to like, hear someone's voice cause now I can think like your voice when I read your blog.

    Hey. So, sometime within the next week or two, I need to email you about the gift card I won from Libby. Sorry it's taken me so long, but I've been busy with classes and big life changes. Stuff like that. Sorry about the wait!

  2. Ok, you have the cutest personality! And I know this probably sounds dorky, but I love your accent! Where I live, I am used to hearing *cough cough* 'redneck' accents and it can be quite annoying.

    Hey - *nudge nudge* you could use your MacBook and have it as a prize for a weekly giveaway. ;)

  3. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I posted a vlog yesterday and I swear I wasn't trying to copy you. I posted it after this post came on my feed yesterday (though it said this post was unavailable), so I just wanted to let you know I made my vlog a few days ago. :) I totally love your vlog, by the way. It kicks my vlog's butt. haha.


  4. 1. You're gorgeous. And I love your hat.
    2. Noooo fair! You have a MacBook now? Gahh, so jealous.
    3. Ooh, I love Emma. And Gwyneth Paltrow. The two put together are amazing.


  5. @ Anna Gray: Haha, I never think of myself as having an accent, but I suppose I do. I also have a different inflection to my voice then most people I know anyway (who knows why). And... ah... good try. I need the cash! ;)

  6. Hahaha, that was funny! Wait, that sounded mean. Um...I didn't mean it that way. I meant you're fun to listen to and I really loved the video and you need to do moooore!

    I'm scared of that music video. o.O Unicorns, seriously??

    I think, back then, they did what I do when my internet dies. Knit, sew, gossip [okay, I do NOT do that!], but yeah, it's like...augh! You people had no life back then! Unless they were Jane Austen. Who had a life, because she wrote. Hehee. XD

    Niiiiice macbook. <3

    ~Hannah Grace
    Ps: I'm sorry about the nasty weather, and because I'm sorry I won't tell you that where I live it's been sunny and warm a lot lately. I will tell you that we had rain on Sunday...but that's all.

  7. I know you don't live there...
    and if someone told me this I'd probably take it as a compliment, so I mean it towards you as a compliment...
    your voice/accent sounds kinda... californian. Which I think is funny 'cuz you don't live there. :P

  8. I love the name Brooklyn, (but the quote did sound stupid). Oh, well. I love your hat!!!!!!! I love your hat!!! I love it! (I'm done now) :)

  9. Your vlog pretty much made my day. Seriously. And I am completely jealous of your MacBook. I mean, PCs are okay, but we all know that Apple is clearly the winner. Ahem.

  10. "There is a potato bug on my window... I think it's... dead."

    ^^^Mwaahhaaaa. That made me laugh. so. hard. Mainly because I have stinkbugs on my window, that NEVER die. >.< It's terrible.

    You'll make it through... :) Soon enough, it'll be spring up there. Don't worry, it's still seesawing around down here, deciding whether it wants to be warm or not.
    *glares at window*

  11. Hope your weather improves! :) That does not sound like fun. But a Macbook?! Awesome! And I love the way you ended this video, by the way. :P


  12. Ha ha I know what you mean - I live in Tennessee and everyone just expects me to have a southern accent. I definitely don't - granted, my voice sounds different than yours, but I don't have an accent. I have some friends who do, ha! I do say ya'll sometimes - but only because you all sounds really strange to just say. I mean, seriously - "Hey, you all." :)
    --Love MCat

  13. Oh goodness. Be happy, it's only bitterly cold snow up here :)


  14. it's so awesome to put a voice to one of your fave bloggers. i'd hate to hear my Southern accent, because dude...it gets 5 octaves higher when i speak and i'm nervous. not to mention the whole ya'll thing. i don't even think i say you all or you guys at all.

  15. @Bleah: California, huh? Weird! I've never even been there (well, that I'd remember).

    @carlotta: Awww, I'm so glad! And I agree 100%. We were given Macs in 7th and 8th grade as part of a state school program (alas, they were taken back over summers and after 8th grade) and I got hooked. Now I've converted everyone in my family and most of my friends and THEIR families to Apple... bwahaha.

    @Amanda: Yeahhh, that's pretty much how every conversation I have goes. I'll be motoring along on some topic and then *ping!* something exciting happens and I just have to fling it out there.

  16. Your accent is so cute! Like I'm seriously jealous of it. I did a vlog a few days ago and totally failed at it... yours was so good! You should keep on vlogging! :).

  17. Cool vlog Olivia! I enjoyed hearing your voice, it sort of sounds like mine...hehe. ;) Just one thing:: you might want to watch how you say, "Oh my G-d!" Sorry if I sound really preachy or anything; but as Christians we shouldn't really take the Lord's name in vain. Please don't take this offensively, we all make mistakes. *Winks*

  18. I like you better now that I've heard your voice. Not that I didn't like you before, but it just helps to like, hear someone's voice cause now I can think like your voice when I read your blog.
    You have a MacBook now? So jealous!!
    Good job :)
    I LOVE your blog!!!



  19. Awesome! I have that same computer! :) BTW, when i saw the video, I thought you were talking abut your hat. :D


  20. Sorry, last comment was posted on my sisters account. Ooops. :(

  21. this made me laugh so hard!! haha

  22. ANOTHER PERSON WHO HAS A MACBOOK!! Ugh no fair. What did you name it? I'm going to name mine. I know. I'm weird. I agree with Katie: I love your voice. It's really refreshing!! I loved your vlog and your hat :))
    -Jocee <3

  23. LOL :) I loved "there is a potato bug on my window ... I think it's frozen ... that's really gross".
    And I'm so jealous of your new mac book!! :) I dread the day when I have to give this laptop back to the school, when I will be left Photoshopless and computerless!! :)
    Have a great day xx

  24. You have a new MacBook? I am so jealous! Maybe you could have it as a giveaway? *wink wink*

    By the way, I love your hat. It's cute!

  25. I'm going to try to do a Vlog, too (crosses fingers)!

  26. I think the party should involve cake and not stealing peoples' cell phones.

  27. Oh my, oh my! A potato bug? Frozen on your window? bahahaha! If I didn't think you were amazing before I most definitely think so now! I did think you were amazing before by the way.
    Congrats on the new computer! I think an Apple would be great but I have some weird brand--Acer...weird. Well, I hope it clears up for you and that all the snow with go bye bye!
    Love, Tessa Brooke

  28. Whoa! I love youtube! I have a channel, and I just subscribed to you :)

  29. I just watched your video! :)

    :) In answer to your question... They did archery,walked,read,cross stitched,ran house holds and probably had people come over a lot! :)

    If I could be born in that time period I think I could survive without the computer! :)...well...maybe... You should see he newest Emma they came out with its a lot better I think!

    Cool New laptop by the way!

  30. I agree with Farmgirl. The new Emma (2009) is a 4-part series, but it's so amazing, and very funny. I'm quite a Jane Austen fan...and a fan of Regency England.
    I mean...they didn't have the internet, so their time was spent not on the Internet. It makes you wonder what all we'd do if we didn't have computers. So much time I spend wasting online... Of course, I take classes online, so I can't wish away the internet.

    Anyway, loved this video! It was funny -- made me laugh. :) I hope you do more soon, since they're fun to watch.

    ~Liz B :)

  31. Love the video!!! Thanks so much for mentioning me when i said "I think my whole life is a blonde moment:D


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